The New Toyota Avalon: A Luxury Console with All the Upgrades

One of the first details you notice about the sophisticated new Toyota Avalon is the floating center stack. It’s unlike any other center console in a sedan, but it’s not all about the aesthetic appeal. This floating stack also features all the bells and whistles.

This sedan features a floating stack with a 9-inch touchscreen display with navigation, and it also features a few other options. The Apple CarPlay is another option this console offers, in addition to multiple USB ports. You’ll find five total in the sedan, which breaks down to one for each passenger in this vehicle.

If you’re looking for luxury on a budget, you want to head down to DARCARS Toyota of Baltimore to try on the new Avalon for size. It’s what you’re looking for in a five-passenger sedan with all the upgrades. It’s luxury epitomized.



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