Toyota Corolla Hatchback: Designed to Perform

Toyota Corolla Hatchback is a popular compact vehicle, and its high sales prove that. Part of what makes it popular is the power of its performance.

Efficient is a great way to describe the 2.0L Dynamic Force Engine. Shift into drive, and immediately feel the adrenaline boost. Use Dynamic Shift-CVT to hone paddle-shifting skills. It combines the efficiency found in a continuously variable transmission with the immediate response you get in a traditional first gear. Corolla Hatchback has optimized suspension, which means when you're behind the wheel, you stay grounded. The car is already close to the ground with a low center of gravity to give you better responsiveness and more stability while turning. With the optimized suspension, body roll is reduced, and the ride is smoother.

DARCARS Toyota Baltimore wants you to experience this hatchback during a test drive, so visit our location to try it out.



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